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Steel String Harp Guitar

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(as of Jan 22, 2021)


An elegant take on the traditional, Dyer-Knutson style harp guitar, a single, graceful curve unifies the harp arm with the Florentine cutaway and gives a graceful  appearance to the overall instrument. A two-piece top outlines the basic guitar.


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  • Six main strings and six sub bass strings.

  • Multi scale, 25.4" for e, and  660mm for E, Fret no 5 is perpendicular to center line. 

  • Elevated, bound fingerboard.

  • Side port in harp arm.

  • Waverly gold and ebony tuners in slotted headstock.

  • Gotoh tuners for sub-basses.

  • 15" lower bout.

  • 4-1/4 case depth at end graft.

  • Carbon-fiber neck reinforcement.

  • Traditional French polish.

  • Custom-fitted hard Gator case.

  • Two pick ups: DiMarzio Black Angel bridge plate piezo, and soundhole magnetic (removable), separate end-jacks for each.

  • Blood wood bridge and bindings

  • Contemporary custom inlays

  • Carved scotia moulding on back of sub-bass headstock. 


Nylon String Harp Guitar

This guitar extends the range of the Classical Guitar with four, sub-bass strings.The twin neck design is a modern take on the traditional, Viennese "Kontragitarre," yet with the musical resources of a fine classical instrument. Rich basses, clear, sustained trebles.

  • Six main strings and four sub bass strings

  • Cutaway

  • Multi-scale or standard scale.

  • Side port

  • Radial bracing on top and back.

  • Optional arm rest.

  • Carbon fiber-reinforced neck.

  • Custom, heavy-duty gig bag from Canzonetwww.canzonet.net

  • Traditional French Polish.


Scaling, nut width, string spacing, wood types, sub bass tunings, neck shape, appointments, etc. are customizable.  Hard case available.